The work of the Cursillo Movement is the work of the whole church. The Servant Community is a way of distributing that work as well as a means of increasing the overall maturity of the Movement through its leaders. A Cursillo leader is one who helps a Cursillo community by “walking their talk” and showing the way in witness and love. Jesus did not give Peter a position or title, but a directive to serve: “Feed my sheep.” A leader is first and foremost a servant.
— NEC Library "Servant Community"

Charles McClain, chair

Good communication is the life’s blood of any relationship.  We want the Cursillo Movement in the Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee to maintain healthy relationships with it’s members, our commission, other dioceses, with National Episcopal Cursillo, and our bishop.  To this end, the work of the communication committee will be to keep these channels of communication open through maintaining our website, preparing email newsletters, and facilitating dialog on our Facebook page.  With such a big job ahead of us, we need your help.  Please email Charles McClain if you want to be a part of this ministry.